What is Corporate Car Sharing?

When companies want to know about Corporate Car Sharing, they Omoove.

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The meaning of Corporate Car Sharing is simple and straightforward:
placing a dedicated fleet of vehicles at company premises for the shared use among its employees.

Corporate Car Sharing allows Companies to optimize their fleet management and significantly reduce fleet-related costs over the long term.
It also enables Companies to offer their employees an attractive mobility solution even if they don’t have a company car, without the need for car rentals or public transport for business trips. That saves time and reduces travel costs.

Corporate Car Sharing is introducing a whole new kind of business mobility.

If you’re a company that needs to make your employees travel in a safe, innovative, efficient and sustainable way, Omoove can go to great lengths to make it work.

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How Corporate Car Sharing works for your Company?

When companies want to make their employees move better, they Omoove.

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The advantages of Omoove’s Corporate Car Sharing can come in many aspects, benefiting both the company and the employee by generating real savings and by giving each participant the freedom to choose a car that suits its general and specific mobility needs.

Benefits for Company

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    Reduce the TotaI Cost of Mobility and the use of extra-fleet vehicles.
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    Optimize the use of the company parking.
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    Save in time and resources with Advanced Vehicle Management with detailed reporting and costs center allocation.
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    Generate new income by assigning cars to employees while off-work or share them with other parties.
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    Promote innovation to clients and towards employees as a team-building tool.
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    lncrease Corporate Social Responsibility to decrease car renting burdens, reduce carbon footprint, increase talent recruitment and retention rates.

Benefits for Employees

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    Have an additional chance of use for personal purposes.
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    Generate time saving while maximizing efficiency.

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Corporate Car Sharing Saving Calculator

Tell us what you pay for your employees’ car and taxi work travel and we’ll show what you will save with Omoove Corporate Car Sharing solution!

Omoove can save you per year for your employees transfers costs by using only “Corporate Car Sharing” cars.

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The calculations given by the savings calculators are only a guide. Please contact us for professional guidance.

Transform the way to manage your fleet!

When companies want to use Corporate Car Sharing at its best, they Omoove.

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Omoove offers a unique Corporate Car Sharing solution for your company fleet. Here are its main specs:

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    Ready to use and completely manageable on line, with an average saving of 5-8 % off compared to a car rental.
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    Omoove provides a ‘plug and play’ plattorm that can be implemented tor any Company and any Car.
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    Omoove provides an easy-to-use app for all Employees with detailed reporting and statistics for your Company’s operational team.
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    Omoove Help Desk supports Company and Employees alike in every step of their Omoove journey.

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How to reach Omoove?

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Here’s how Omoove can get things on the move for you in 3 easy steps:


Setting a meeting

Setting a meeting, to gather requirements and to analyse your potential

Activating a demo

Activating a demo, to demonstrate how Omoove's Corporate Car Sharing solution works

Elaborating a solution

Elaborating a solution, customized on your specific needs

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